DIY VAN TOUR - Full-Time Travel Couple - Shower, Roof Deck, and Convertible Bed

Mathers On The Map, a famous channel on youtube, their VAN TOUR is finally complete and ready to share with us. We interview Kevin&Taylor to learn more about their journey.So let’s have a little tour around their van.

Start from the front of the van,the first thing he did on the van build was install a backup camera because it had no visibility behind van and it was difficult to drive.It’s connected to the top of the van so it makes parallel parking so much easier.


The second thing they installed in the van was the swivel seat,so they can use the front of the van as living space when they are cooking or wants to be like on computer or doing something.


Then they have an s bar s2 d2 diesel heater which connects from diesel tank to house batteries and they could heat this thing up without turning out the engine in the winter when they feel cold.And they get some shades made um in the front and cover the entire windshield to help keep the sun out and to keep the cab cooler during the day.Along with the windshield one they also made two for the sides in addition to keeping the sun out.When they are camping at  campground and don’t have to worry about anybody seeing or peeking in.

They install the shelf on the top above the cabin and store all camera gear ,drone ,window shades for the sides windows and recipes towels.

They made a hanging closet in the van to hang a lot of clothes up without getting wrinkly and stuff.Under the closet there is a electrical drawer which store their gopros and charge batteries and all camera lenses.

They store all of they dry food underneath the electrical door.and down here they use this little cubby to store their shoes.


They have a stationary bathroom in van and it was really tailor pushing.they have been in the van for about 21 nights and used the shower a lot.The shower have cold and hot water and have 33 gallons of fresh water.They also have little ledge down here that can use to rest feet or clean feet and it serves as two purposes to hold the hose and the electric power to toilet.

They also have a stove top and a stainless steel sink with an undermount stainless steel sink.They keep their pots and pans and some extra trash bags in the the next cabinet,they put some coffee stuff and little spice.Next to all cabinetry is a fridge to store food.

There is a cabinet up here is basically the electrical command center which control and monitor everything in the van.

Another van essential is a roof vent fan and can fully wide open at full power when it’s raining .then open these side windows at night and pull have the van pull air through and it creates a great cross breeze right.


This back compartment where they keep their pillows and clean towels extra pillowcases.In addition to paper products and clean towels and linens also put all linens during the day not in bed mode.

In the passenger side bench box they have electrical components.They have three 100 amp hour lithium battleborn batteries a 3000 watt and have their solar 40 amp rover charge controller.They have three ways to charge batteries. One from the solar two is from battery isolatorand then the third option is to charge via short power.

They converted it from the bed into the booth mode and then they can work and eat do pretty much anything they need to do .The table is on the lagoon swivel so it’s really to move.

In the garage area which has enough space,they put three surfboards and other things.Hit the road they made their laundry area.When they fill water tank up ,they have bpa free hose, a rv water filter and an external hose.


On the outside to get to the roof they have an illuminous platter that let them get to solar panels which are four 100 watt solar panels on the roof and platform deck to watch the sunset.


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