About Us

Aolithium is a premier manufacturer and supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Whether you are an RV, marine, or off-grid enthusiast, our batteries are built to help you discover the places you love.

Aolithium - with professional R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished LiFePO4 battery pack to customers.

Aolithium - our team has been deeply involved in the field of automotive grade LiFePO4 battery pack for 15 years.

Certification - products certified with UL/CE/UKCA/UN38.3/Bluetooth BQB Listing/FCC ID/CE RED.

Quality Control - our factory is approved by the international quality standards ISO 9001:2015.

The vision of the start of Aolithium is “ANYWHERE IS REACHABLE

We believe that a truly green product should not only be safe-to-use, but also be well-made, maintenance free, and super long lifetime, bringing pleasant experience to users. This product not only make life more convenient, but also promote the sustainable development of the environment.

Aolithium is constantly striving to innovate and improve its technology and commit to providing 100% safe, nontoxic lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) which are completely environmental friendly.

Our mission

Many people in the Aolithium family love green life. We use our company’s lithium batteries for RV tourism, camping, and fishing, making our lives happier.

We’re happy to contribute to the green life of people all over the world. Rest assured, we aren’t slowing down, we’re only getting started!