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Why we here

    The world is moving forward, climate change is affecting our way of life more profoundly,the clean and reliable energy alternatives are becoming the common goal the whole world striving for.

    Greenness, cleanness and reliability are the high quality of energy that Aolithium always pursues.At the defining time when all of humanity is committed to realizing the "carbon neutral", Aolithium hopes to use our technological advantages to become the driving force to promote the development of sustainable energy, to make a cleaner life, the use of more reliable products, and accelerate your pace towards the future.

How we come

    We are from China, several years ago, the heavy traffic on the street inspired some young people full with passion to paint the cloudy sky blue; Then, they developed an epoch-breaking lithium battery product with the industry-leading LiFePO4 technology, so the Aolithium brand was born in this defining moment in history. It has embarked on a journey of exploration with the dream of providing more people with access to reliable and clean energy. Aolithium is a premier manufacturer and supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Whether you are an RV, marine, or off-grid enthusiast, our batteries are built to help you discover the places you love.

What we done
which are the future of battery technology. Manufacturers are busy integrating lithium batteries into everything they can find, including Tesla and Toyota. Lithium batteries are mid-way into their quest to spread over the globe from mobile phones to laptops to EVs.
and Aolithium is able to harness the power of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), bringing the most efficient, stable, and powerful lithium-ion battery to the market. With the professional R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished LiFePO4 battery pack to customers.
Aolithium also owns an after-sale guarantee team dedicated to ensuring a great customer experience—every time. Our technical sales specialists are available via phone and email to assist with any question.
After years of deep cultivation, Aolithium's product quality and quality assurance have been recognized by the market and customers - Aolithium’s products certified with UL/CE/UKCA/UN38.3/Bluetooth BQB Listing/FCC ID/CE RED, and factory is approved by the international quality standards ISO 9001:2015.

Why we do

    Aolithium still believes that a truly green product should not only be safe-to-use, but also be well-made, maintenance free, and super long lifetime, bringing pleasant experience to users. This product not only make life more convenient, but also promote the sustainable development of the environment.

    Aolithium is constantly striving to innovate and improve its technology and commit to providing 100% safe, nontoxic lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) which are completely environmental friendly.

    To us, green energy is more than just a trend, and our team is devoted to creating a new standard in energy storage. Enabling widespread deployment of our cutting-edge technology is our goal, making green, renewable energy available to anyone.

    We’re here to power your passions, and help make the world a little bit better while we do it. We’re happy to contribute to the green life of people all over the world. Rest assured, we aren’t slowing down, we’re only getting started!