Installing Aolithium 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries in my 1965 UNIMOG - Induction Cooking Setup

Victor Bart is an engineer and a carpenter. As a multi-skilled youtuber, Victor planned to upgrade his 1965 Unimo 404 RV with Aolothium batteries. What interesting changes gonna happen between Aolithium and Victor's RV? 

First of all in terms of appearance,The most attractive thing about Aolitum batteries is that this battery has four screws so you can open it and service it so this battery allows you the right yo repair.


Victor Bart plans to stay off grid for six weeks so he gonna try to not plug in the shore power he has it as backup.So what does Aolothium batteries offer? This is a live pro 4 12 volt 100 amp hour lithium ion battery pack and comes with bluetooth so he can lock into the battery and see what’s going on.If you order the 12 volt 200 amp hour pack you will get two batteries and put them in parallel it gives you 12 volts 200 amp hour. It’s really important that you’re gonna charge them to 100% before go connect them together and it takes around 4 hours to fill it up.


It probably okay if you have not on too big inverter with 50 millimeter cable but with a big inverter and more than one battery that doesn’t work .So Victor Bart makes some filler rings in between here. And made four copper rings 6 millimeter thick around 25 millimeter diameter.Before the battery is fully charged,Victor Bart figure out a frame around it with sturdy material.


So why lithium is just better than atm in the long run?

First ,the atm battery is 30kg and lithium battery is 12kg.

Second,Atm battery is safe to use to 50 percent but with a lithium battery,we can use 95 percent.So to get the same amount amp hours as the lithium,we need two 100 amp hour atm batteries so that would be 60 kg over 12kg.

Next,the cost of this atm battery is around 200 euros.This lithium battery is around 550 euros.So to get the same capacity we need two of the atms and then it becomes 400 euros versus 550 euros.So then the cost difference is not that far apart it’s only a little bit expensive.

In general, an atm battery has 500 charge cycles to 50 percent and then lithium battery yeah some say 3000 some four some five thousand.


After the cables and some 300 amp anl fuse installed,let’s switch on the rest of the system .now the lights on and the fridge is off .we can see the power usage of the system is now minus 11 watt so the time remaining with the lights on is 10 days .let’s turn on the fridge and the power is -44 watts and the time remaining is one day and 12 hours.And then turn on the inverter okay minus 64 watts so let’s plug in a tool and this is 710 watts,and it’s now minus 165 watts .

Victor Bart puts in half a liter of water on the ikea induction stove four 2000 watt,so let’s see  how long it takes to boil water .Go to the smartshund APP and it is almost boiling in three minutes.


Finally,Victor Bart very really happy with Aolothium batteries.It’s works great for traveling where you stay like one day off grid and then continue traveling .

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