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    Can you ship these batteries to EU?Do you have a Uk stockiest/dealer
      1)As we have our own warehouse in Germany and the new Aolithium online store for European market will be ready at the end of August.
      2) We have Authorized Agents in EU.
    Can you ship these batteries to Canada?
      Of course our batteries can be shipped to Canda, we have our own warehouse in Canada. The shipping cost basically the same as in US . You can buy batteries directly and the pirce will be calculated automatically after our online store in Canada come into use.
    Does your battery pack have UL certification?
      Our 12V 100Ah battery packs and cells are all UL Listed.
      The cells are UL1642 certified and the battery packs are UL62133 certified.

      Attached is the UL certificate for the battery pack.
      The UL file number is MH65250. It can also be searched on the UL official website. Search link:
    Can I put your batteries in the battery case of Group27?
      The size of our 12V100Ah battery is 305x174x188mm, and the size of group 27 is 306x173x225mm. So the battery case fits in group 27.
    Do your batteries come with a charger or do I need to buy one separate?
      You need to buy the lithium charger separately.
    After I charged the battery and connected via your bluetooth app, the real-time screen doesn't show the value levels anymore.
      1) Is there any other battery app installed in your phone? because the data saved on the phone in the two apps are in conflict, so the original data cache needs to be cleared every time you start.
      2) If the protection switch is open, it means that the battery is in the protection state. If it is overcharged protection, just discharge the battery to recover. If it is overdischarged protection, you can activate the battery with a charger that has a 0V start function
    I purchased more than one batteries from aolithium. When using your Bluetooth APP which battery will be sending data to the app?
      The data of the two batteries are independent.
      Each battery has a Bluetooth number, when you use it, you connect which battery's Bluetooth, the APP will show this battery's data.
      (Each battery has a Bluetooth number. When you use it, the APP will display the data of the battery to which Bluetooth you connect)
    I just received my batteries today and installed the Bluetooth app. I am checking the information on the app and I noticed that one of my batteries is fully charged 100% of the time while the capacity is 95AH, it should be 100AH.
      The SOC (state of charge) data requires a learning process when the battery is first used.
      The nominal capacity is generally subject to a ±10% numerical error during the learning period.
      It takes at least two deep cycles to learn the correct capacity:
      The complete charging and discharging process: Fully charged > Start discharging > Discharge to empty > Charge.
    The nominal capacity and SOC values are still error after two deep cycles.
      Since our engineers set the SOC voltage correction value of the battery at a high level, the data is subject to error. Could you modify the parameters of the batteries as follows? Attached is a video guide--
      1) Download the xiaoxiang app on your Android device using the linked installation file.
      Note: after downloading, you need to change the file name to xiaoxiang-3.1.1021.apk
      2) Connect the Aolithum battery after opening the App, after connecting the app, you need to enter the password, the password is 666666
      3) Click on the menu on the top left corner and then click on PARAMS SETTING.
      4) Scroll down to find the three items, modify parameters and save
      Single full voltage: change 3.45v to 3.65v
      Single cut-off voltage: change 3.0v to 2.5v
      Nominal capacity: change to 100Ah
      PS: All battery parameters need to be changed
    The difference in capacity between the two batteries is increasing after they are used for a period of time in series or parallel.
      since our engineers set the SOC voltage correction value of the battery at a high level, the SOC data may be inaccurate.
      And after batteries parallel for a period of time, due to the different internal resistance of each battery and other reasons, the data of each battery will be different.
      You can disconnect the batteries, and then fully charge each battery, follow the steps below to modify the battery parameters, and then connected in parallel again。

      Or you can fully charge the battery system, then leave the batteries for 8 hours (do not discharge). After that, modify the parameters of each battery according to the following steps.
    I bought two of your batteries, one of which is used. It has a capacity of only 90Ah and shows that it has been looped once. The other pair in the battery is 100Ah with no cycles.
      This is a new battery that has not been used.
      Our batteries are tested on a random sample at the factory, so some of them will show that they have been cycled once.
      The batteries come with a 8-year warranty, so don't worry.
    Is the nominal capacity written into the protection board a fixed value? Why is the APP showing the capacity lower than 100AH?
      The nominal capacity is generally subject to a ±10% numerical error during the learning period.
      It takes at least two deep cycles to learn the correct capacity:
      The complete charging and discharging process: Fully charged > Start discharging > Discharge to empty > Charge.

      For example, the discharge voltage of the inverter is high, and if it is discharged with a inverter, even if there is still capacity, the BMS will consider the battery to be in a discharged empty state.
      In this way, the nominal capacity value will be displayed with a ±10% error, but it does not actually affect the use of the battery.
    Since my van wiring is only rated at 30A, I don't want any chance of charging current exceeding 30A if I leave the parameter unchanged. By changing the max charging current to 30A, what other settings in the BMS are affected?
      1) The BMS data can only be modified on the Android devices.
      2) Charge overcurrent can be changed to a minimum of 35A (If it falls below 35A, the battery will go into protection mode when charging).
      3) It doesn't matter that your RV's internal wiring and alternator is only rated for 30A, you can use a lithium charger with a current limiting function and a voltage limit of 14.6V.
      You can change the current by following steps:
      1) Download JBD xiaoxiang Bluetooth App on your Android device, below is the QR code.
      2) Connect the Aolithum battery after opening the App.
      3) Click on the menu on the top left corner and then click on PARAMS SETTING
      4) Scroll down to find the item "charge overcurrent", change 210A to 35A, then it's done.
    What size does the lithium battery support?
      The lithium battery need to be charged with a professional lithium battery charger.
      The recommended charger for lithium batteries is less than ≤0.5C. Therefore for 12V100Ah battery it is recommended to use a charger ≤ 50A.
      We don’t recommend you exceed this charge rate as it can lead to a shortened battery cycle life. In an emergency situation the battery can be charged at a quicker rate if needed.
      Most of our customers use 10A~20A chargers.
      There are many lithium battery charger brands, such as victron, Sterling.
    How long will it take to charge?
      The time it takes to charge a li-ion deep cycle battery depends on the type and size of your charging source.
      For example, if your charger is 20 amps and you need to charge an empty battery, it will take 5 hours to reach 100%, if your charger is 50 amps and you need to charge an empty battery, it will take 2 hours to reach 100%.
    The 10AH battery cannot be charged after being fully discharged.
      As the battery is completely discharged to an undervoltage protected state, so the general charger can not charge the battery.
      The battery can be restarted in several ways:
      1) Charging the battery with a lithium charger with 0V start function.
      2) Or activate the battery with an adjustable switching power supply (current limit ≤ 0.5C, constant voltage 14.6V).
      3) Or you can use a lead-acid charger with a 50-ohm resistor to activate.
      Please note: do not completely discharge the battery, we recommend charging it at no less than 10% power.
    Main setting parameters of the charger
      The charging parameters of our 12V100Ah batteries are set as follows
      Float Voltage: 14V
      Standard charging current: 50A (If the two batteries are connected in parallel, the maximum charging current can be set to 100A)
      Over voltage protection: 14.6V
      Low voltage protection: 10V
    Can your battery be connected in series and parallel with other brands of batteries?
      You can't connect lithium battery and lead-acid battery together, and different brands of lithium batteries cannot be connected, because the batch of cells is not the same.
      Even if it is the same brand, If the purchase interval is more than 4 months, it is also not recommended to connect.
      Because the energy decay between the cells is not consistent.
    The battery bolts aren't long enough to do the following.
    1) Connect batteries in parallel
    2) Connect with inverter
    3) Connect with charge controller
      1) If the bolts is short, you could use longer M8 bolts of the same diameter and replace the current one.
      M8-1.25 x
      This link is intended as a reference only:

      2) If the terminals of the connecting wires do not fit into the notches for the positive and negative terminals, you could use a Bus Bar Pair like this.
      This link is intended as a reference only:
    Since this battery was built with the ability to disassemble, do you sell spare parts? For example, if a BMS fails, could I purchase a new BMS from you?
      We do not sell spare parts for the time being. If the BMS fails, we do not recommend replacing it by themselves, you can find professionals to replace it.